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How to sell tickets on Facebook

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 04:43PM EDT
With our Facebook Page Tabs tool, you can start selling tickets on Facebook. Connect with our app, and you'll add your event calendar and the entire checkout process to your organization's Facebook Page.

(First, you'll need to set up a Facebook Page. If you need help, check out Facebook's official guide to creating a Page.)

Please note: The app will not appear or work for customers using the Facebook mobile apps for iOS and Android. The app will also not function correctly for visitors on Facebook's mobile site. To help out mobile customers, we recommend sharing links to your event calendar and event pages on your organization's social media profiles.)

Connect your Facebook account

1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

Visit Facebook and sign in to your account. Please make sure that you've signed in to Facebook on an account that has permission to manage your Facebook Page.

2. Visit the Facebook Page Tabs tool.

Sign in to your ShowClix account and go to the Connect section in the Admin. Click the Facebook Page Tabs button.

3. Link your ShowClix account with your Facebook account.

Click Link your Facebook account to begin connecting your ShowClix account to Facebook.

4. Allow permissions for the app.

When you click to link your accounts, you'll be taken back to Facebook, which will display a series of prompts asking for your permission to connect our app to your Facebook account.

Please note: You must click Okay and allow all requested permissions for the Facebook app to work properly. We will never post to your personal account.

(If you chose not to allow certain permissions and the Facebook app is not working correctly, visit your App Settings on Facebook and remove the app entirely. Then you can start the process over and allow all permissions.)

5. Install the app on your Facebook Page.

Now that you've connected your accounts, you'll be returned to the ShowClix Admin, where you should see a list of all of the Facebook Pages that you manage. Click Install on the menu adjacent to your organization's Facebook Page.

(Note: You can connect and install the ShowClix ticketing app to multiple Facebook Pages at the same time, but you may only connect your organization's account to one Facebook user's account. Therefore, that Facebook user must have access to manage all of the Facebook Pages you want to use with ShowClix's app.)

Add the ShowClix app to your Facebook Page

1. Return to Facebook.

Leave your ShowClix account open in one window and return to Facebook in a separate tab or window. Remember: you need to be signed in to Facebook as an account that can manage your Facebook Page.

2. Visit your Facebook Page.

Go to your organization's Facebook Page. If you are correctly signed in, you should see the Page management menu ingrained with the info on your Facebook Page. 

3. Rearrange your Facebook Page's tabs.

Now you'll need to make sure people can find the ShowClix ticketing app on your Facebook Page. A link to the app will appear on this page as a Find Tickets button, which found in the left sidebar, as well as the toolbar below your cover photo. By default, you'll see options like About and Photos

Click More to show a list of all of your available tabs, and click Manage Tabs. You'll open a small window that will allow you to drag and drop your tabs — move the Find Tickets tab up closer to the top of the list. Click Save, and now the link to your event calendar will be easily accessible on your org's Facebook Page.

4. Customize your ShowClix app settings on Facebook.

You can edit various settings of the ShowClix app on your Facebook Page, including size, color, and more. To access this menu, return to the Facebook Page Tabs section of the ShowClix Admin, and click the Customize button.

One particularly important setting is the Show Events List option. By default (Yes), customers will see a calendar or list of your upcoming events when they click the Find Tickets button.

However, you can set the default to a particular event, which can be very useful if you're only promoting one event listing at a time. To specify an event, click No and then select an event from your upcoming events. Don't forget to click Save Changes!
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