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Create a Task for Agent

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2017 02:50PM EST

Want to start creating tasks for Agent? Get started.


Creating Your First Task

Agent can be accessed from the Admin's main toolbar. On the Agent Tasks menu, click New Task to get started.



Select a Rule and Action

First, you'll need a rule. Select from the available rules (explained in this guide), and add it to your task, which will appear as a preview at the top of the page. Think of the rule as the threshold or situation that will activate a response from the system, whether it's sending a notification or adjusting an event setting.


In Agent, that response is called an action. Select your action from the available list (explained here). This action will be activated whenever your rule is met.


Once you've selected an action, the page will automatically progress to the next step.



Adjust Rule and Action Settings

Next, you'll need to define the settings for the rule and action. Since this process varies for each rule and action, we recommend reading the respective Rules and Actions guides for more specific instructions and examples.


For the purposes of this article, however, we'll use a common example task: sending an email notification to yourself when an event has sold out. (You'll have to set the rule to When {n} (# or %) tickets have been sold and the action to Send an email.)


Select Event

In this step, you'll select whether to apply the task to a specific event or all of your events (including any future events you create).


To apply the task to a specific event, click Select Event and click your preferred event. Click Make Selection to confirm and proceed.


To apply the task to all current and future events, click the checkbox marked Apply to all events.



Rule Settings

Because the rule you've selected is When {n} (# or %) tickets have been sold, you'll need to determine that number in this step.


With the first option, you need to select whether you want to specify a number of tickets or a percentage of all available tickets. For this example, we want to know when all tickets have been sold.


Click the first box and select By Percentage. Then enter 100 in the percentage field.


This will indicate to the system that you want your task to activate when 100% of your tickets have sold.


Action Settings

Next, we want to set up the email notification. Enter your email address in the recipient box and click Add. (If you have any other people who need to see this notification, you can add them to this list as well.)



You'll also need to determine how frequently you want to receive notifications. You can either set up the action to send a notification every time the rule is triggered, or you can receive an hourly, daily or weekly digest of all of your email notifications across all tasks.


For all notifications delivered by Agent, the system generates smart, helpful text based on the rule you have specified.


If you would rather write the message yourself, click Customize Message and enter your message in the field. You can use the buttons in this section to emphasize text or insert tokens that will automatically be replaced with relevant information about the event. (For example, {{Event Name}} will be replaced with the title of the event for any events where this task applies.)


Click Save Task. Now your task will be enabled and ready to activate!
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